Property Management

Welcome to Golden Sierra Foothills Property Management.

We are an independent local business with the goal of protecting a property owner’s investment as well as maximizing the owner’s return on that investment.

Golden Sierra Foothills Properties will strive to keep properties

  • Rented at the highest market rent possible
  • Implement safety measures
  • Keep operational and other costs within budget
  • Preserve and enhance the physical value and prestige of the property.

We strive to serve our clients in new, creative and cost-effective ways while giving individualized personal service. Golden Sierra Foothills Property Management is ultra-responsive with the dual responsibility to both owners and tenants when dealing with the day to day operations of management. Behind every management agreement we sign is a spirit of partnership and collaboration.

Our goal is to build relationships for a lifetime.

Our Property Management Expert is Bev Macy. 

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