Accounting Services

What Golden Sierra Foothills (GSF) Detailed Accounting Services include.

  1. A detailed rental invoice shall be sent out to each tenant every month and tracked, providing the client with a detailed income and expense report on their property investment.
  2. The GSF Property Manager will promptly collect your rental income from tenant(s) when due on the first day of every month allowing a five – business day grace On the (6) sixth business day, a 10% late fee shall be charged to the tenant whereby (50) fifty percent of the late fee is shared with the owner.
  3. Upon collecting the rental income, the Property Manager shall disburse the rental proceeds in the manner instructed by the owner on a monthly basis minus the management fee and leasing fee if applicable within a 10-day business time
  4. A monthly income and expense report shall accompany the monthly tenant’s rent for each respective property outlining information needed by the owner for their property investment.
  5. GSF’s Accounting Department will provide you with a year-end accounting summary of your account and a 1099 for your tax preparation. A year-end bookkeeping fee shall apply.
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