Management Rates and Fees


Property Management Contract and fees vary depending on the type of contract and the services utilized. The following is an example of what compensation is contracted. Bev Macy can give you the specifics.

For service rendered pursuant to the property management contract:

  1. A one-time set up fee [contract rate] payable upon signing the property management contract and an [additional contract rate] minimum fee for additional locations.
  2. Golden Sierra Foothills Property Management will retain a monthly management fee of [contract percentage rate] for a Standard Plan.
  3. For client’s requesting that Golden Sierra Property Management pay all monthly reoccurring bills and invoices pertaining to the property, the monthly management fee of [contract percentage rate] is charged for the Deluxe Plan.
  4. With each New tenant, a leasing fee of ½ the monthly rate will be charged in conjunction with a new lease agreement for a fee of [contract rate].
  5. Golden Sierra Foothills Property Management shall impose an annual bookkeeping fee of [contract rate] and will issue a 1099 at the end of each calendar year.
  6. The owner shall receive a copy of a “Condition of Premises Portfolio” transferred to a CD upon completion with a fee of [contract rate]
  7. Golden Sierra Foothills Property Management shall charge the actual cost of advertising for vacant space if magazines and newspaper classified ads are utilized.
  8. Golden Sierra Foothills Property Management shall impose a [contract percentage rate] fee to late tenant rental income and split the late fee cost to the owner at [contract specified percentage rate].


  1. Maintenance services when handled or furnished by the Manager on behalf of the Owner will include the cost of labor, materials, and other applicable charges. Owner shall receive the original invoice from any vendor that is contracted with during the maintenance service.
  2. Eviction and collection fees for an uncontested Unlawful Detainer are costs arisen from a licensed attorney and are subject to a periodic cost of living adjustments.


  • Annual accounting Fee to include yearly 1099 for tax preparation: [contract specified rate] per unit. Fee negotiable where client has multiple units.
  • Tenant screening for each applicant/tenant. Background check charge depends on how extensive based on the request of owner:  [contract rate] for each applicant
  • Newspaper, magazine, periodical advertising:  Based on the particular subscription. Craigslist advertising-no charge
  • Renewal lease fee:  [contract specified rate]
  • Emergency On-Site Field Response: [contract specified rate]per hour, with a minimum of [contract specified rate]
  • Emergency Response – Maintenance: $ 0 unless a field or on-site response
  • Set Up Fee: [contract specified rate]for each additional rental unit
  • On-site Inspection/Consultation. Condition of Premises Portfolio with CD: [contract specified rate] per hour with a $ [contract specified rate] minimum
  • Rental Late Fees [contract specified percentage rate]of collection
  • Leasing Fee (includes full evaluation and market analysis of property, recommendations for upgrades and curb appeal, Craigslist advertising, pursuing leads and inquiries, personal property tours (no lock-boxes or handing over keys), creation of custom lease, lease addendum, pet application and pet policies, mold addendum and lease signing.: ½ of first month’s rent

*Contact Bev Macy to set up a time to go over your specific property management requirements. She will customize your contract to fit with your property overview.

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