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Welcome to the world of home buying! Whether you’re a first-time buyer, need a bigger home, downsizing or whatever your reason…it’s all about you!

Your Dreams • Your Needs  •  Your Concerns • Your Questions • Your Finances • Your Time • Your Life

As your Realtor, our total focus is on your complete satisfaction from start to finish. We want to be sure that your Interests are Professionally Represented. We will be your personal Specialist who knows your needs because we listen to you.

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The Mortgage & Loan Process

  1. Financial pre-qualification or pre-approval– Buyer provides pertinent documentation, including verification of employment.
  2. Underwriting-Loan package is submitted to underwriting for approval.
  3. Loan Approval– Parties are notified of approval.
  4. Title Company– Title exam, insurance and title survey conducted Borrowers come in for final signatures.
  5. Funding– Lender reviews the loan package, funds are transferred by wire.

Why Pre-qualify?

I recommend to buyers that they get pre-qualified before beginning their home search. Knowing exactly how much you can comfortably spend on a home reduces the beyond-your-means scenarios.

Your Home Search

I love helping buyers find their dream home. That’s why I work with each client individually, taking the time to understand their lifestyle, needs and wishes. This is about more than a certain number of bedrooms or a particular zip code. This is about your life. And it’s important to me.

When you work with me you get:

  • knowledgeable and professional REALTOR.
  • A committed ally to negotiate on your behalf.

I have the systems in place to streamline the home buying process for you. As part of my service, I will commit to helping you with your home search by:

  •  Previewing homes in advance on your behalf
  •  Personally, touring homes and neighborhoods with you
  •  Keeping your informed of new homes on the market
  •  Helping you preview homes on the internet
  •  Advising you of other homes that have sold and for how much
  •  Working with you until we find the home of your dreams

Making an offer

Typically, you will not be present at the offer presentation, we will present it to the listing agent and/or seller. The seller will then do one of the following:

  • Accept the offer
  • Reject the offer
  • Counter the offer with changes

By far the most common is the counter offer. In these cases, my experience and negotiating skills become powerful in representing your best interests.

When a counter offer is presented, you and I will work together to review each specific area of the counter offer, making sure that we move forward with your goals in mind and ensuring that we negotiate the best possible price and terms on your behalf.

Once my offer is accepted, what should I do?

  • Celebrate and focus on moving into your new home!
  • You will want to schedule your move, pack items, and notify businesses of your new address.
  • I will also give you a good estimate statement, which will indicate the amount you will need to bring to closing.

Are you ready to get started? Or just want to see what you qualify for? Take a few minutes to check out The HOME WISH list or contact us.

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